Coines.io Beginners Guide

Welcome to coines.io - the world’s leading crypto exchange.

Let’s get started in 5 quick and easy steps:

  • Step 1: Register Account
  • Step 2: Deposit Crypto
  • Step 3: Buy Crypto
  • Step 4: Explore Coines.io Products

Step 1: Register Account

Register a Coines.io account with your email.

Step 2: Deposit Crypto

If you already store cryptocurrency in another wallet, you can deposit them into your Coines.io wallet. Please refer to the FAQ section for more information on how to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency to your Coines.io account.

Please note that you should never share your Coines.io Account/Wallet passwords, private keys, or 2FA codes with anyone. Coines.io will never ask you to disclose sensitive information.

Step 3: Buy Crypto

Buy Crypto Using P2P (Peer-to-Peer)

You can buy crypto with P2P methods, too. This allows you to buy crypto from other crypto enthusiasts like you directly.

Step 4: Explore Coines.io Products

Spot Trading

After getting your first crypto, you can start exploring our versatile trading products. In the Spot market, you can trade hundreds of crypto.

How to use the Coines.io Web TradingView Tool

The Coines.io trading interface contains a robust set of tools and options to help you in your trading analysis. These include:

  • Candlestick charts
  • Depth charts
  • Time intervals
  • Drawing tools
  • Technical indicators

TradingView allows users to create a customized toolset for technical analysis. Let’s see how to use it on Coines.io.

Opening TradingView

The TradingView and trading tools are accessible in both the Classic and Advanced versions of our UI. These two views offer different, editable UI layouts and are switchable at any time.

  1. Log in to your account and click the [Trade] button.

  2. Click [TradingView] above the chart to gain full access to the trading tools available and candlestick charts.

    You can access their settings by clicking the [Settings] icon in the red square shown below. Each moving average is adjusted according to the specified time frame. For example, MA(7) is the moving average over seven candles of your time interval (e..g, 7 hours if you are using a 1H chart or 7 days if it’s a 1D chart).

    • MA(7) - Purple
    • MA(25) - Red
    • MA(99) - Cyan

[Depth] provides a visual representation of unfilled buy/sell orders on the order book.

Candlestick Charts

Candlestick charts are a graphical representation of an asset's price movement.Each candlestick's timeframe is customizable and can represent a specific period.

To customize your candlestick chart, double-click on any of the candles in [TradingView] to bring up its settings.

  • [Style] allows you to change the way your candlesticks look.
  • [Scales] gives numerous options for the scaling and margin of your candlesticks, including Auto Scale, Log Scale, and Percentage Scale.
  • [Background] provides options for changing the look of the candlestick chart’s background.
  • [Timezone/Sessions] allows you to choose your timezone.

Candlestick Intervals

The timeframe represented by each candlestick is alterable by selecting one of the default options above the graph. If you require more intervals, click the downward-facing arrow on the right-hand side.

Here you can select a new interval or press the [Edit] button to add more intervals to your default options.

Drawing tools

The left-hand side of the chart provides several drawing tools and options to help with your charting analysis. You can also right-click each tool to find variations of the tool’s primary function.

The default selection contains the following tools:

Popular Basic Tools

Long/short position

The long or short position tool allows you to track or simulate a trading position. You can manually adjust the Entry Price, Take Profit, and Stop-Loss levels.

  1. Select either the [Long Position] or [Short Position] tool.

  2. Click on the graph to create your long/short position. The green shaded area represents your target (potential profit), whereas the red shows your stop-loss area (potential loss). At the center, you can see the risk/reward ratio.

  3. Drag the borders of the box to change your Risk/Reward Ratio. Target shows the difference in price between your Entry Price and the Take Profit level. Stop shows the price difference between your entry price and Stop-Loss level.

    Double-click the Long Position/Short Position chart to adjust its settings. You can change the investment amount under [Account Size] along with your percentage risk. [Coordinates] allows you to change your Take Profit, Entry Price, and Stop Level numerically, while [Visibility] offers graphical customization.

Trend line

To create trend lines, simply click the [Trend Line] tool and select the beginning and endpoints for your trend line.

Below is an example of a simple trendline demonstrating possible market entry points. Thickness, color, and other features are customizable using the floating toolbox.

Technical Indicators

Technical indicators, such as Moving Average or Bollinger Bands, are addable in the trading view.

Click the [Technical Indicator] icon for a list of all available options.

Once you have chosen a technical indicator, it becomes visible on the candlestick chart.

How to reset the chart

To remove the technical indicators, simply click on it to bring up the floating toolbox, then click on the bin icon.

If you want to reset the whole chart, right-click anywhere on the chart and click [Reset Chart], or press [Alt + R] on your keyboard.

Here are all the basics for you to get started. Start using TradingView tools on Coines.io for your technical analysis today.

How to Use Coines.io Support

If you encounter issues while using Coines.io services, you can search for solutions on the Coines.io Live Chat. The AI bot will suggest solutions based on the information you provide. You can also search for answers on the Coines.io FAQ page; If you still can't find a solution, please contact the CS team via Coines.io Live Chat.

If you are not sure how to use the Coines.io Live Chat and Support, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to your Coines.io account and click on [Support] on the bottom right to start the chat.

    You can also access it from [Profile] - [Chat] on the Coines.io App.

  2. You can find the answers to your question by:

    • Browsing through the list of FAQ articles matched by the system;
    • Submitting your question in the Chat window.

Please state your question as detailed as possible and provide the relevant supporting documents, e.g. screenshots, so that the Coines.io support team can better assist you and handle your question.

You may leave the chat window anytime after submitting your question. You will be notified once a CS agent is assigned to your case. To keep your conversation open with CS, please reply to the thread within 24 hours. If you respond within 24 hrs, you can maintain your queue position, which keeps you ahead of the queue.

If CS can’t handle your question and the conversation is marked as “Solved”, you may reply to the thread to submit your question again.


  1. Due to the large number of inquiries Coines.io receives every day, we might not be able to reply in your preferred language. In this case, CS will reply in English in order to address your issues as soon as possible. You may use online translating tools to translate the reply to your preferred language.

  2. If Coines.io Helpdesk does not support your local language, please click on [Language] - [English] and submit your question in English.

How to Use Coines.io Convert

Convert is a service where users can transform the cryptocurrency they hold into another cryptocurrency, in a matter of seconds. Coines.io Convert also powers the Convert function of the Coines.io.

It takes just four simple steps, all of which can be completed in seconds, to complete a crypto deal on Coines.io Convert.

Step 1: Go to Coines.io Convert.

  • On the Coines.io website, go to [Wallets] on the top left part of the homepage, then choose [Convert].

Step 2: Select the token you have and the token you want to buy. You can choose to enter the number of tokens you want to use (at the top part) or the number of tokens you want to gain (at the bottom part).

Step 3: Click Preview Conversion. You will then see the price quote for the transaction you’re considering. You have 3 seconds to approve the quote shown to you and fulfill the deal. If the 3 seconds expire, click Refresh to get a new rate.

Step 4: Click Convert. The transaction takes less than a second, and you’ll see the crypto you bought in your Spot Wallet.


1. Trading fees.

Current commission for trades:

Pair Side Taker Maker
LTC / BTC Buy 0.01% 0.01%
LTC / BTC Sell 0.01% 0.01%
DOGE / BTC Buy 0.01% 0.01%
DOGE / BTC Sell 0.01% 0.01%
ETH / BTC Buy 0.01% 0.01%
ETH / BTC Sell 0.01% 0.01%
BTC / USDT Buy 0.01% 0.01%
BTC / USDT Sell 0.01% 0.01%
LTC / USDT Buy 0.01% 0.01%
LTC / USDT Sell 0.01% 0.01%
DOGE / USDT Buy 0.01% 0.01%
DOGE / USDT Sell 0.01% 0.01%
ETH / USDT Buy 0.01% 0.01%
ETH / USDT Sell 0.01% 0.01%
XRP / USDT Buy 0.01% 0.01%
XRP / USDT Sell 0.01% 0.01%
CCT / BTC Buy 0.01% 0.01%
CCT / BTC Sell 0.01% 0.01%
CCT / USDT Buy 0.01% 0.01%
CCT / USDT Sell 0.01% 0.01%

Please consider spread when trading.

What Are Maker and Taker:

- Taker (Takers remove liquidity by fulfilling open orders on the exchange):

When you place an order that trades immediately before going on the order book, you are a taker. This is regardless of whether you partially or fully fulfill an order.

Trades from market orders are always takers, as market orders never go on the order book. These trades are "taking" volume off of the order book, and therefore are taker trades.

- Maker (Makers provide liquidity to exchange and create a market for a token):

When you place an order that goes on the order book partially or fully (such as a limit order placed via the trading screen), any subsequent trades coming from that order will be maker trades.

These orders add volume to the order book, helping to make the market, and are therefore termed maker for any subsequent trades.

2. Withdraw fees.

Currency Fee
BTC 0.0004 BTC
LTC 0.003 LTC
ETH 0.003 ETH
BCH 0.004 BCH
MEGA 0.00001 MEGA

The commission is taken into account when calculating the final payment, it is debited instantly during the payment. Thus, when withdrawing 1000USDT with a commission of 0.1% (for example), you will receive 999USDT excluding the gas fee.

3. P2P fees.

Currency Taker Maker
BTC 0% 0%
LTC 0% 0%
DOGE 0% 0%
USDT 0% 0%
ETH 0% 0%
XRP 0% 0%
CCT 0% 0%
BCH 0% 0%
MEGA 0% 0%

What Are Maker and Taker:

- Maker is a user who posts P2P buy/sell advertisements to offer trades.

- Taker is a user who places a bid on P2P buy/sell advertisements.

4. Exchange fees.

Spread – 0.02%

We do not charge any fees on exchange trades. However, there will be a spread (if you are buying, our prices will be above the market price. If you are selling, our price will be below the market price).

Spot trading
How to Trade Spot on Coines.io Website

A spot trade is a simple transaction between a buyer and a seller to trade at the current market rate, known as the spot price. The trade takes place immediately when the order is fulfilled.

Users can prepare spot trades in advance so that they are triggered when a certain spot price is reached, which is called a limit order. You can make spot trades on Coines.io through the interface of our trading page.

Making a spot trade on the Coines.io Website

  1. Click [Login] in the top right corner.

  2. Click on any cryptocurrency on the home page to go directly to the corresponding trading page.

  3. You will now find yourself on the trading page interface.

    On this page you will see:

    1. The trading volume of a trading pair in 24 hours
    2. Buy/Sell order book.
    3. Candlestick chart and Market Depth.
    4. Type of order: Limit/Market/Stop-limit. Order Buy/Sell forms.
    5. Markets latest completed transaction.
    6. Your order history.
  4. Let’s look at buying some BTC. At the top of the Coines.io home page, click on the [Trade].

    Go to the buying section (1) to buy BTC and fill in the price and the amount for your order. Click on [Buy] to complete the transaction.

    You can follow the same steps to sell BTC.

    1. Limit order

      • The default order type is a limit order. If traders want to place an order as soon as possible, they may switch to [Market] Order. By choosing a market order, users can trade instantly at the current market price.
      • If the market price of USDT/BTC is at 0.002, but you want to buy at a specific price, for example, 0.001, you can place a [Limit] order. When the market price reaches your set price, your placed order will be executed.
    2. Market order

      • A market order is executed at the current market price as quickly as possible when a user places the order.
      • When placing a market order, you can either select [Amount] or [Total] to buy or sell. For example, [Amount] is recommended when you want to buy or sell BTC with a certain quantity. However, if you just want to buy BTC with a certain amount of funds, such as 10,000 USDT, placing a market order with [Total] is a better option.
      • In general, you can use both functions to place your buy and sell orders. However, when you place the orders after the system calculates the amount you can get, the asset price might have changed significantly and the orders would fail. This often occurs when the buy/sell ratio is close to or equal to 100%.
    3. Stop-limit order. How to Use the Stop-Limit Function?

How to Use the Stop-Limit Function

What is a stop-limit order?

Stop-limit order is a market order which has both a stop price and a limit price. When the stop price is reached, the limit order is triggered. Limit price is the specific price of the limit order at which the stop price is triggered.

Once your stop price has been reached, the limit order is immediately placed on the order book.

The stop and limit prices can be the same. However, it’s recommended for sale orders to set your stop price (trigger price) slightly higher than the limit price. The price difference allows for a safety gap in price between the time the order is triggered and when it is fulfilled.

For buy orders, set your stop price slightly lower than the limit price. This will also reduce the risk of your order not being fulfilled.

SL (stop-limit) terms and mechanics

Stop price: When the asset’s price reaches the given stop price, the stop-limit order is executed to buy or sell the asset at the given limit price or better.

Limit price: The selected (or potentially better) price that the stop-limit order is executed at.

Quantity: The number of assets to buy or sell in the stop-limit order.

Worked Example

The last traded price of BTC is 49800 USDT, and you feel that there is resistance around 50000 USDT.

If you think that the price will go higher after the price reaches the resistance level, you can put a Stop-Limit order to automatically buy more BTC at the price of 50200 USDT. This way, you won’t have to continuously watch market movements waiting for the price to reach your target price.

How to create a stop-limit order

Continuing with our example, we will look at exactly how you can make a stop-limit order

  1. Select [Stop-limit] from the trading view to begin making your order.

  2. Fill in the details of your stop price (trigger price), the limit price for the triggered limit order, and the amount of crypto you wish to purchase. Click [Buy BTC] to confirm the details of the transaction.

    In our example, the stop price is 50000 USDT and the limit price is 50200 USDT.

  3. Double-check your stop-limit order carefully before finally clicking confirm to submit it to the exchange

View existing stop-limit orders

Once your orders have been submitted, existing ‘stop-limit’ orders can be found and reviewed in [Open Orders]. You can find this tab at the bottom of the trading view page.

When orders are executed or discarded, your stop-limit order history can be found under [Order History]. 

How to Handle Order Problems (Exceptions)

Occasionally you may encounter problems with your orders when trading on Coines.io. We can divide these into two categories:

  1. Your trade order is not executing.

    • Check the selected order’s price in the open orders section. Verify whether it has matched a counterparty’s order (bid/ask) with this price level and volume.
    • If you would like to expedite your order, consider canceling it from the open orders section and submitting a new order at a more competitive price. For a quick settlement, you may also consider using a market order.
  2. Your order has a more technical issue.

    • Issues like the inability to cancel your orders or coins not being credited to your account require further support. Please contact our Customer Support team and provide screenshots that’ll document:

      • The order’s details
      • Any error code or exception message

You can contact Customer Support by logging into your account and clicking the support icon in the bottom right corner.

Security Tips
Security Tips

To achieve greater security of your Coines.io account, please remember to implement and follow the four major security principles listed below:

  • DO NOT give your password to anyone!

  • DO NOT call any phone number of someone claiming to be a Coines.io employee or from the Support team!

  • DO NOT send money to anyone claiming to be a Coines.io employee.

  • Enable Two Factor Authentication (either Google Authenticator).

Antivirus & Trojan Guidelines

It's recommended that you periodically perform a full security scan on your computer.

We’ve listed two suggested methods below that will help to protect and secure your system:

  1. Every time you browse coines.io or log in to your account, we recommend using Security Mode or incognito/private tab without any browser plug-ins and extensions.

    Chrome: new incognito window shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+N

    Firefox: new private window shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+P

  2. Double or even triple-check the withdrawal/deposit address that you’re using on your Coines.io account. Make sure to always put a valid withdrawal/deposit address in a safe place, such as a notepad, then copy/paste it to the browser from there. Finally, check the consistency of the address between the one in the notepad and the one that you’ve pasted in the browser window.

    If you find any sort of inconsistencies between addresses, the computer or mobile phone may have already been infected by a Trojan or virus(es). You can find some helpful suggestions below:

    • Install anti-virus software to scan/kill Trojans and viruses as soon as possible;

    • Disable plug-in/extensions in the browser, uninstall unknown software from your computer;

    • In extreme situations, you might need to format the disk and reinstall the OS on the computer to get rid of viruses;

    • Seek help from information security experts;

    For more advice on how to secure your Coines.io account, please see the articles below:

Securing Your Trading Account

Our security team has prepared a list of 9 recommendations for how to improve the security of your Coines.io account. See our list below:

  1. Use a unique email address and password for your account

    You can use a secure password manager like LastPass or KeePass to easily keep track of your passwords and create more complex secure passwords.

  2. Enable 2FA on your Coines.io account

    2FA adds an extra layer of protection to your account in case your password is compromised.

  3. Always make sure to check the domain address you are visiting: https://www.coines.io

    Many phishing sites mimic Coines.io’s domain or website to trick you into telling them your details. Make sure you’re visiting the real site.

  4. Don’t click links or open unknown attachments in emails

    Unless you are sure the email was sent by Coines.io.

  5. Secure your email account and phone, and use PGP

    Enable fingerprint or passcode lock on your phone, use a secure email provider, and use 2FA for your email account. Whenever possible, use PGP.

  6. Secure your computer

    Don’t install unnecessary software on your computer, or software from untrusted developers. If possible, consider using a dedicated computer or partition for Coines.io and trading. We recommend installing Linux, Chrome, a password manager plugin, and nothing else.

  7. Subscribe to good antivirus software, and keep it updated

  8. Secure your internet connection

    Always use a wired connection if possible. If you must use WiFi, consider routing your traffic through a VPN.

Please note that these tips are not exhaustive. On top of the above, please exercise vigilance and educate yourself further about general online security.

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks
  1. What is a phishing attack?

    Phishing is a type of social engineering attack; a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as username, password, 2FA code, etc by disguising as Coines.io in electronic communication. Users are often deceived by trusted parties such as:

    • Email spoofing.

    • Fake Coines.io site.

    • Instant message with a malicious link.

    • Social websites with manipulated Coines.io links.

    • Chat with impersonated Coines.io support.

    • Fake Coines.io hotline or support in the search engine, etc.

    • Social Media Fake Account.

    • Malware downloaded from the internet.

    • Free WIFI Phishing.

  2. Phishing attack protection

    The most important and weakest aspect of a security system is people. Hence, For users, vigilance is the key:

    • A spoofed message often contains subtle mistakes such as spelling mistakes, strange syntax, unsmooth words, misspelled domain names, etc.

    • In addition, attackers will usually try to push users into action by creating a sense of urgency. For example, an email could threaten account expiration and shall be verified within a timeline; A message instructed users to move assets to a secure wallet to avoid loss as soon as possible.

    Phishing attack protection requires steps to be taken by both users and Coines.io.

    • Always upgrade Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to the latest version. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox will warn users of phishing or unsafe high-risk websites.

    • The safest way to login to Coines.io is through the website https://www.coines.io

    • We also recommend you to check and verify whether an SSL certificate is given for domain name *.coines.io or *.Coines.io.net

    • Enable Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) such as Google 2FA or SMS 2FA. Be cautious and don’t disclose Google 2FA 16 digital backup keys to anyone or on any website. If username and password are compromised, 2FA prevents the use of compromised credentials, since these alone are insufficient to gain entry to the account or its funds.

    Install Chrome Netcraft Extension or Firefox Netcraft Anti-Phishing Extension.

    • Chrome Netcraft Extension

    • Firefox Netcraft Anti-Phishing Extension

    • Keep your systems/applications updated to avoid security bugs. Install anti-virus software and keep it up to date.

    • Do not connect to an untrusted wireless network.

  3. Reporting Phishing

    • Please report any Coines.io phishing sites you see to our Security Team via email: security@coines.io.

Scammers Impersonating Coines.io on Twitter

Scammers are constantly impersonating official Coines.io Twitter accounts by replying to our tweets, posting their tweets, or even directly messaging Twitter users.

We will never ask you to do anything that seems suspicious, such as deposit your assets into a specific address in return for gifts or a chance to multiply your assets.

You will lose your assets if you do this!

Coines.io will never ask you to send coins directly to any address for any reason!

Please see below to understand how to identify a Twitter impersonator or scammer.

Email Issues
How to Change Account Email

If you wish to change the email registered to your Coines.io account, please follow the step-by-step guide below.

After logging in to your Coines.io account, click [Profile].

Click [Change] next to [Email Address].

To change your registered email address, you must have enabled Google Authentication.

Please note that after changing your email address, withdrawals from your account will be disabled for 48 hours for security reasons.

If you wish to proceed, click [Next].

If you can access your original email:

  1. You need to verify your original email address. Click [Click to get code] and enter the code sent to your email.

  2. Enter your new email address and password. Please note that the new email address should not be registered to any Coines.io accounts.

  3. You need to verify your new email. Click [Click to get code] and enter the code sent to your new email.

  4. Your email is successfully changed. Please sign in with the new email address.

Not Receiving Emails From Coines.io

If you are not receiving emails sent from Coines.io, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Please ensure you have logged in to the email address that you used for your account registration on Coines.io.

  2. Please check the spam folder of your email inbox.

  3. Whitelist Coines.io email addresses. For a detailed step-by-step guide, please refer to"How to Whitelist Coines.io Emails".

    Addresses to whitelist:

    • do-not-reply@Coines.io

  4. Ensure that your email client or service provider works normally.

  5. If possible, use common email domains.

How to Whitelist Coines.io Emails
  1. Outlook

    Step 1: Log in to Outlook (web browser).

    Step 2: Turn off the beta version

    Step 3: Click on 【Settings】-【View All Outlook settings】

    Step 4: Select 【Mail】-【Junk email】-【Safe senders and domains】

    Step 5: Click 【Add】and put in one email address, press Enter button and add the following email addresses one by one to the list and make sure to click 【Save】button after you finish adding them.

    • do-not-reply@coines.io

  2. Gmail

    Step 1: Log in to your Google Mail.

    Step 2: Go to the settings - click the 【Settings】button on the top right.

    Step 3: Go to the【Filters and Blocked Addresses】tab.

    Step 4: Click the【Create a new filter】button.

    Step 5: Add the email address listed below (one by one) in the “From” field and press the “Create a filter with this search” button.

    • do-not-reply@coines.io

    Step 6: Check the box “Never send it to spam” and then create the filter.

Google 2FA Guide
How to Enable Google 2FA
  1. Log into your Coines.io account.

  2. At the top-right menu, go to [Profile].

  3. Find the Google Authentication section and click [Enable].

  4. You will be redirected to another page to start the process of enabling Google 2FA Authentication.

  5. Download and install the Google Authenticator App on your mobile device. You can find it in the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

  6. When you finish installing the App, click [Next].

  7. Open the mobile App and click the【+】symbol.

  8. Scan the QR Code using your mobile camera.

    If you are unable to scan it, you can manually enter the 16-digit key provided.

  9. Save the Backup key.

    Make sure to save the 16-digit key. You can use it later to rebind your account in case you lose access to your previous Google Authenticator.

  10. Enable Google Authentication

    Coming back to the Coines.io page, you will need to fill in your login password and the Google Authentication code.

    If you have SMS Authentication enabled, you will also have to provide the SMS code.

Google 2FA FAQ
How do I resolve a "binding failed" issue?
  • Ensure that the “Google Authenticator” App is installed.

  • Synchronize the time on your mobile phone and computer.

  • Ensure the password and 2FA code are correct.

  • Ensure the date/time setting in your mobile phone is set to “automatic”.

    You may refer to the following screenshots to change the settings on your phone.

  • IOS

  • Android

I lost access to my previously installed Google Authenticator App. How can I re-enable it?

If you have a backup of the 16-digit code that was generated when you enabled the Google Authenticator for the first time, you can re-enable your Google Authenticator by adding the key to the App manually.

If you haven't stored the backup key, you can reset the Google Authenticator (2FA) directly on our website. Kindly refer to the following reference link for How to Reset Google 2FA.

What can I do if the page shows a “2FA code error”?
  • Synchronize the time on your mobile phone (to synchronize your Google Authenticator App) and your computer (from which you attempt to log in).

  • Browse the Coines.io Login page (www.coines.io) using incognito mode on the Google Chrome web browser.

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies.

  • Try to log in from our dedicated mobile App.

If none of our suggestions solve your problem, you should reset your Google Authenticator. Check this guide for more information: How to reset Google 2FA.

2FA Code Error

If you receive a "2FA code error" after you input your Google Authentication code, please follow the instructions below to solve the problem:

  • Synchronize the time on your mobile phone (to synchronize your Google Authenticator app) and your computer (from which you attempt to log in).

  • Browse the Coines.io Login page (www.coines.io) using incognito mode on the Google Chrome web browser.

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies.

  • Try to log in from our dedicated mobile app.

How to Reset Google Authentication on Coines.io

If your Google Authenticator is working normally, you can manually disable your Google 2FA by logging in to your Coines.io account and navigating to the [Profile] tab, and then clicking on the [Disable] button next to the Google Authentication option.

If you’ve lost access to your Google Authenticator app or it has stopped working, you can reset your Google Authentication by following the steps below:

Navigate to the Coines.io login page and log in with your Coines.io account email address and password. On the [Profile verification] page, click [Profile verification unavailable] to go to the next step.

Please select the unavailable security item and click [Confirm reset] to go to the next step.

Enter the required verification code and click [submit].

Note: Please check the Email verification code in your email box, and it will be valid for 30min.

After clicking, follow the instructions on the page to complete the below verifications:

Guide to Account Functions
How to Register on Coines.io
  1. Open the Coines.io app and click on [Login/Sign Up] at the top right-hand corner.

  2. Follow the instructions and insert the email address and password you’ll use for your account. After carefully reading the Terms of Use (TOU), click on [Register].


    • Your password must contain at least 8 characters, including one uppercase letter and one number.

    • Your password must contain at least 8 characters, including one uppercase letter and one number.

  3. After clicking on [Register], you’ll see a sliding jigsaw verification puzzle. Please drag the slider to complete it.

  4. Once you have completed the jigsaw, we’ll send a confirmation email to the address you’ve specified. Please check your inbox to confirm your registration within 10 minutes.


For your own account security, we highly recommend you enable two-factor authentication (2FA) after your first login. Google 2FA is available.

*Before starting P2P trading, you may need to complete and 2FA authentication

Wallets overview page

The wallets overview page allows you to quickly check all your Coines.io wallets and balances.

After logging in to your Coines.io account, find [Wallets] at the top right corner of the page.

The overview page allows you to quickly check your balances and access

your other wallets.

  1. Interactive tabs menu: Wallets - general wallets overview, Input/Output - forms to put up/withdrawal your funds, Convert - express crypto converter, Transaction history - your input/output log.

  2. Estimated Balance: the approximate value of your wallets in BTC.

  3. A list of your Coines.io wallets with their respective balances. A short actions list of each wallet

  4. The affiliate program button.

How to reset your password
  1. On the login page, click [Forget Password].

  2. Choose the account type, then enter the account details and click [Next].

  3. Click the [Send code] button and enter the code you received, then click [Submit] to continue.

* For security issues, after resetting the password, the withdrawal function will be suspended for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the withdrawal function will be resumed automatically.

  1. What are the requirements to use the portal?

    All functions of the portal (checking indicative prices / confirming trades) will be available when you log-in to your Coines.io account. Please note that standard exchange withdrawal limits apply.

  2. What are the benefits of using the crypto converter portal?

    Users can easily convert their assets on the portal without worrying about complicated issues like order book and trading fees. Start by signing up for an account today to learn more!

  3. What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts?

    The minimum trade amount is usually equivalent to 10 USDT coins. Minimum and maximum trade amounts vary by coin/pair and can be previewed before entering a trade amount.

  4. How does settlement work?

    Trades are settled directly to your Coines.io account’s wallet. Settlement will usually occur immediately after you confirm a trade.

  5. How do I make deposits and withdrawals for the Exchange?

    There is no separate wallet for exchange trades. Simply make deposits and withdrawals to / from your account’s wallet.

  6. Are there any trading fees?

    We do not charge any fees on exchange trades. However, there will be a spread (if you are buying, our prices will be above the market price. If you are selling, our price will be below the market price).

  7. I received an “insufficient funds” error

    To confirm an exchange trade, you must have the required amount of coins that you are selling in your account. For example, if you want to buy 10 BTC with USDT and the price per BTC is 10,000 USDT, then you must have at least 100,000 USDT in your account to confirm the trade.

  8. Where can I check my trade history?

    Log into your account and go to Convert history

  9. Can I confirm trades on credit (without coins in my Coines.io wallet)?

    No, you must have the required amount of coins for the trade in your Coines.io wallet.

Coines.io Affiliate

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How does the Coines.io Affiliate Program work?

Step 1: Sign Up on Coines.io.

Step 2: Go to your Affiliate program page and share your link.

Step 3: Sit back, relax and earn commission

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