Flexibility: in five short bites


The problem

Crypto exchanges do not provide enough freedom of choice. Of the approximately 100 types of tokens offered, 90% are dead. Crypto exchanges have no regulated, transparent financial instruments, and classical exchanges do not accept cryptocurrencies. Choice is freedom. How do you make cryptocurrency free?


How we will fix it connects the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional for the first time in the world and forever - through hundreds of tokenized assets. Investors can invest cryptocurrency on tokenized shares of the world's leading companies, stock indices commodities, bonds and other financial instruments. Directly. No fiat.


Our Mission

The team is guided by the idea of democratizing investment, taking it out of the hands of the privileged few in first-world countries and making it available globally. We believe successful investors contribute significantly to society - leading to a more secure and stable world.


Experienced and proven team

Our team is 52 experts with over 30 years of experience in fintech. We have a wealth of experience in building successful financial ecosystems. Our roadmap is planned for the next 20 years. We aim to constantly delight you with new large scale financial products.


Safe and clear

At, we do not require identification by ID, confirmation of a phone number, which makes trading completely anonymous. Your funds on are securely protected by two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator.